Cheryl Cole will keep the Poms sizzling in 2012

The summer in Pommie-land is very over…but Cheryl Cole is making a good attempt to keep 2012 hot.

The 28 year old singer shows Simon Cowell what he’s missing as she oozes sophisticated sex appeal with her stunning new shot for her official calendar.

The Geordie (from Newcastle) beauty, who was axed from X Factor USA in May, posed for these exclusive pictures in the South of France before she had her long brunette hair dyed blonde and chopped into a bob.

The tone is mostly high fashion with designer gowns, elegant hats and several shots in arty black and white like tyhe sultry pose for March. But in July she turns the heat up by posing on all fours.

Following a three month break from showbiz, the Girls Aloud star made her Hollywood movie debut, and relaxed in Atlanta, Georgia, on the set of romantic comedy What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Sher has a cameo role as a TV talent show judge.

She also made her debut on Twitter a few weeks ago, tweeting a happy birthday greeting to the star of the movie, Cameron Diaz, who turned 39.

by Lorelle Heath


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