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Cheryl Cole feels ‘vulnerable’ without make-up

Cheryl Cole has admitted that she felt a bit apprehensive about going without make-up for her latest L’Oreal advert.

Cheryl ColeThe advert is about a new skincare product which is worn underneath make-up, so Cheryl, 30, went without her usual foundation for the shoot.

She told Vogue: “I felt so vulnerable! The guy that shot the ad made me feel comfortable but, literally, all I had on was the Blur Cream and some mascara. So when they showed me the video I was watching it through my hands.”

She continued: “It’s actually quite liberating to feel like: “You know what, like it or not, this is what the cream does to your face and this is how I look.” But, going in there, I felt more vulnerable than I have on any other L’Oreal ad. I was walking around the set like: “Hi, I’m the one in the advert.”

With or without make-up, she still looks great.


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