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Charlie Sheen’s teeth are gone

Drug crazed Charlie Sheen has lost all of his teeth, a porn-star playmate claimed yesterday.

The actor is said to be replacing his gnashers with gold implants after years of cocaine use rotted them.

One of five blue movie actresses revealed Sheen’s dental woes after their 36-hour drink and drug bash landed him in hospital on Friday.

Kacey Jordan, 22, who had “quick sex” with the 45-year-old, said he had already had his real teeth replaced with porcelain but they were now dropping out.

She said, “They’ve fallen out from partying. He kept saying ‘fucking porcelain teeth, they’re crap’. He said he had to get gold teeth. We all know it’s the drug use.” Kacey said the Wall Street star ordered $25,000 of cocaine, then smoked it from a pipe while watching sex movies with her. He wrote her a $35,000 cheque to be one of a “porn family” he hoped to set up in his LA mansion.

Kacey claimed Charlie was like a “zombie” from the start, and when she left she feared he would die from an overdose.

Sheen, earning $2 million an episode for TV hit Two and a Half Men, was later rushed to hospital, then on to rehab. His spokesman claimed he had suffered a hernia from laughing. Charlie texted from the rehab clinic, “I’m fine. Guy can’t have a great time and do his job?” Filming of his show is on ice.

by Milo Johnson

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