Charlie Sheen and ex-wife smoke bananas

Charlie Sheen and his former wife Brooke Mueller, who up until recently were involved in a bitter dispute over the custody of their children, have proved they are both a bit bananas.

The former Two And A Half Men star and his ex-wife posed up for a holiday snap with the yellow fruit poking from their mouths which made for quite a peculiar look.

It seemed like the former couple were pretending to smoke the snacks and were holding them like a cigar.

It appears the pair are having such fun together that they are considering extending their break.

Charlie tweeted, ‘Forgot how much I love this place. #mexico is paradise… Brooke and I are thinking about staying for the rest of the month!!! xo c’

And while the former Two and A Half Men star has denied that the couple are getting back together, on a U.S. blog he did say they were having a romantic time.

He posted, ‘#mexico romantic weekend in Mexico… celebrating Brooke’s birthday…! can you guess where we are..? xo c’

The tweet, which clearly suggest the couple are more than just friends comes after Charlie was insistent that the pair are just ‘good friends trying to be great parents’ and ‘working on mending the bridges, replanting scorched earth. The goal is harmony,’ he said.

The holiday snaps show that the former couple have become close once again and the pair are seen holding hands on sun loungers, sharing a drink together taking in the sea view and cuddling up together on a hammock.

Despite having just gone though a bitter divorce and custody battle that played out like an episode of Celebrity Rehab, Charlie, 45, and Brooke, 34, flew overseas in a private jet together from Los Angeles on Friday.

Both dressed in casual clothes, they posed together aboard the luxury aircraft before taking off. With his arm around Brooke, both smiled for the camera.

Charlie has said that the getaway is a ‘birthday/you’re doing great in rehab’ present for Brooke.

Their initmate trip comes as the former couple have been taking steps to get along. Apparently they have taken several steps to make big changes in their relationship.

After fighting like cats and dogs over two-year-old twins, Max and Bob, Charlie and Brooke have been ‘getting counseling and therapy with the boys, and Mueller, who has struggled with substance addiction, is ‘actually responding to treatment,’ a source said.

The couple wed in May 2008 and filed for divorce in 2010, almost a year after the infamous incident during a Christmas vacation in Aspen, Colorado when Charlie held a knife to her throat.

‘He’s got his voice back. And I think he’s got his focus. He’s on a new show and he’s gonna be roasted by Comedy Central – which I think is going to be hysterical.

‘He’s a different guy,’ the Breakfast Club actor told host Billy Bush on Access Hollywood.

Troubled Charlie’s older brother Emilio Estevez talked to U.S. entertainment show Access Hollywood last night about how the sitcom star is winning his battle with drugs.

The pair are understood to have reached a deal in June, with both parents having joint legal and physical custody of their boys. The fired Two And A Half Men star has been paying his Mueller $55,000 a month in child support of the twins.

‘I think that he’s really got it together. And he’s very excited about the crew of the show he’s putting together,’ revealed Estevez.

Charlie has also been helping his estranged wife overcome her own addiction issues and encouraging her follow the same method that he did.

Brooke had tried twice to leave the States to go on a controversial ‘extreme’ rehab in Mexico, and apparently, made it on the third attempt.

It came after she had just completed a 45-day out-patient rehab session for drug addiction.

Earlier this month the former actress was photographed carrying what appeared to be a make-shift crack pipe.

Brooke has been through various rehabilitation programs several times over the years and her struggle with sobriety was documented in Paris Hilton’s reality TV show, The World According To Paris.

But Charlie was worried that the radical regime, which was to use drugs not even licensed in the U.S., could kill her – and flew in his private jet to rescue her.

by Debbie Dot


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