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Celebrity Apprentice is full of bullies, but is it entertaining?

Where do they find the people to appear on reality programmes.

Do they trawl for the most miserable, or the most agressive. Perhaps its the ones who talk loudest and curse with more expressions. The fattest losers seems to have its fair share of miseries and moaners.

But i’ts the Celebrity Apprentice on Foxtel that wins the prize. The Donald Trump show could now be called the Jerry Springer Apprentice Show. Its full of grief and abuse. Mr Trump usually provides style and good manners and sets a high standard. His show provides enormous sums of money for charities and gives value for money.

That was until the present series…in the past a Kadashian may have been fired for not reaching Mr. Trumps high standards. But in this series we have probably the worst teams ever to appear on a reality show. Imagine how the younger viewers would feel and not only them but viewers with sensibilities, when seeing Meatloaf curse and shout and point and abuse a fellow team mate. Accusing Gary Busey of being a thief for stealing his paints. A big frightening bully threatening another man,who has had many mental problems and is in remission from substance reliance. We all of us hate bullies and seeing this verbal attack was not good television!

Why do I report on this tv programme?

Not because of Meatloaf, but because not one of his team mates supported Gary against a big bully…what lesson do our kids learn from this programme? 

 Gary was exonerated, he did not steal the paints, and Meatloaf said he was sorry. Did Mr Trump fire Meatloaf?…Different standards…who knows, but bullies survived.

This week it was the turn of Latoya. She was shouted at , told she was  a little girl and to go to her room and cry…she was too old for the show…and her own claim to fame was her last name…and although they won the task it was not because of her style of leadership, even though she decided on the sand and snow theme which won the judges vote.

All the executives, and the ordinary people that Latoya had met during the tasks said she was a lovely person. Even when verbally attacked and abused she remained calm, well mannered and polite. She speaks quietly and maybe thinks a little slower than the high flying, loud mouthed back stabbers. But once again the standard is set, tell me how many of her team mates supported her during the attack…yes, you are right, not one of them stood up for her, or showed compassion.

Donald Trump has allowed his show to promote bullying, by not firing any or all of his so called celebrities who show no class when appearing on his show. And as for the non supporting team mates who simply sit and watch the car crash…they could have lost the respect of the viewers.

I  can’t wait for next week when Donald switches the teams around and its the biggest losers against the smaller sweethearts. Foxtel you should step in to monitor your shows more carefully, good television maybe, but guidance for your  future shows…a big turn off.

Mel B  in a reality show is it what we really want.  

American Idol does it miss Simon Cowell, no it just misses great singers.

Dancing on Ice has me voting each week for the VC hero, he can’t dance but has a lovely smile. 

Katie Price or Jordan (whatever she’s called) who’s television figures have recently dropped, has got herself another boob job. Anything to stay in the limelight.

Well its that time again when I take a break  to watch…next top model…Australia, America Britain and New Zealand. Only kidding, I think a week off with a good book to build up for the next round of real TV. Or is it real and I was only having a nightmare.

Good watching…..some hope. 

by Helena Bryanlith

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