Betty, not so ugly

I’ve got a bit of a stirring going on when I watch Ugly Betty. Is it me? am I some kind of sicko?

No of course it’s not me, of course I’m not a sicko (well, not at least before 10pm on a Friday night).

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is looking hot this series. And, she is quite gorgeous.

It’s just the old, let’s stick some braces on her, let’s stick some glasses on her, let’s make her a bit nerdy, etc., etc…. But she is quite horny all the same.

It’s exactly the same thing that went on in Neighbours with Annie Jones. Do any of you remember, ‘Plain, plain Super-Jane’…or was it ‘Super-Brain’…I really can’t remember. But again…she was extremely do-able…very hot.

Movie makers have been churning this old chestnut out for years. It’s a tried and tested method.

So if you want to be one of the world’s most fancied women, comb your hair back, put some glasses on,act a bit nerdy (braces are optional) and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a winner.

For me personally, I don’t look good with my glasses on or off, so I guess I’ll have to opt for the braces and hope for the best.

by Milo Johnson


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