Beckham strongly denies shagging prostitute

David Beckham has slammed allegations he slept with a $5,000 a night prostitute by filing a five page court statement, explaining in explicit detail his whereabouts at the times Irma Nici claims to have slept with the football star.

The statement, filed in London on Friday states that the 35-year-old footballer has never even met the Bosnia born prostitute and claims that the allegations have caused ‘severe emotional distress including extended humiliation, embarrassment, anger and worry.’

He denies the allegations and states, ‘All the allegations made about me by Irma Nici including foregoing allegations, are completely false. I have never met Irma Nici, much less solicited an act of prostitution with her or with anyone else.’

The signed legal document refutes 26 year old Nici’s claims that David met and slept with her and another prostitute in a New York hotel in August 2007 and says that the footballer has never even stepped foot inside the hotel.

Nici’s claims, published by In Touch Weekly magazine in October state that the LA Galaxy footballer paid her $10,000 in cash but Beckham’s legal statement adds that he doesn’t carry around thousands of dollars in cash when he travels.

The statement which offers a comprehensive insight into David Beckham’s life as a footballer outlines how on the night Nici claims to have slept with him in New York, he was having a deep tissue massage in the hotel where his LA Galaxy team were staying.

‘As it is custom when I arrive at a hotel on a road trip before a match, a massage therapist came to my hotel room within a few hours after I checked in to give me a massage.

‘I recall that the therapist did not leave my hotel room until the very early morning on Friday August 17. My security team was with me before, during and after the massage.

‘After the therapist left, I went to sleep.’

Nici has also claimed that she met with the football star during his trip to London in September 2007 but David, who is currently training with Tottenham Hotspurs, was visiting his father in hospital after he had suffered a heart attack, according to the document.

David rubbishes claims he has spoken to Nici on the phone when he was in New York and she was in London and states that not only was he never in New York but that ‘at no time did I contact Ms Nici by telephone, including 2007, regardless of where I was at the time.

David has filed a $25 million libel law suit against In Touch magazine and its publishers Bauer, following the publication of an issue entitled ‘David’s Dangerous Betrayal’ on October 4, 2010.

The five page declaration which is signed by the footballer comes just a week after Victoria and David announced they are expecting their fourth child.

by Terence Johns


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