Beckham DOESN’T stuff socks down his pants

His huge underwear posters have been the subject of much discussion, and most of it isn’t about the pants.

But David Beckham has finally set the record straight and revealed he has never resorted to stuffing his underwear to make his manhood appear bulkier.

The 36-year-old soccer has posed in his pants for several adverts for Armani and H&M, but insists he has never added anything to his package.

Referring to comedian James Corden – who parodied him in a shoot, and later admitted to stuffing socks in the underwear – David said: ‘I’ve never, ever done a James and padded out my pants, or shoved socks down there though.

‘I’ve never had to for any of the photoshoots I’ve done because, hopefully, I don’t need to. Well, let’s just say I’ve been told I don’t need any help in that department. I think I’m pretty OK!’

Despite his famous advertising campaigns, David insists his wife…fashion designer Victoria…prefers him in long johns.

He added: ‘Victoria loves me in long johns. I like wearing the normal, short briefs but she reckons she likes me better wearing the long johns!

‘She makes me wear them around the house. But that’s OK because they’re comfortable and keep you warm.’

This week the footballer revealed he used to walk around his house in Los Angeles naked, but has stopped since the birth of his daughter Harper six months ago.

The former England captain…who also has three sons, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, nine, and six-year-old Cruz, with former Spice Girl Victoria…said: ‘My naked days are over. I definitely walk around the house in my underwear.

‘But not naked. With the boys it’s not a problem because they’re naked all the time but with a little girl now, it is different.’

by Debbie Dot



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