Beatrix Von Bourbon strips

Beatrix Von Bourbon was happy to strip on prime-time British TV…because her mum and dad love her act.

The burlesque beauty, who peeled down to nipple tassels and a corset, insisted it was all wholesome family entertainment.

The 27-year-old cultural studies graduate left the Britain’s Got Talent judges wide-eyed as she gyrated on the show, which was screened from 8pm.

Tattooed Beatrix, from Dorchester, Dorset, explained: “My family are all  incredibly supportive and my mum’s always sending me videos of music I could  use.

“My dad’s supportive too. And, yes, they’ve been to watch me.

“It’s not weird because although I use sexiness in my performances, I’m not  thinking sexy thoughts.”

Judge Simon Cowell compared her to the US burlesque star Dita Von Teese,  saying: “She could be a British version.” He jokingly asked Beatrix if she  had another song so he could see her dance again.

I wonder who would be the Aussie version?

by Lorelle Heath


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