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Barnabas vamps it up to Edward

Johnny Depp has sunk his fangs into Robert Pattinson.

Johnny claims that even his camp vampire Barnabas Collins in new flick Dark Shadows is more manly than Robert’s Edward Cullen from the Twilight series.

Johnny said: “There is room for two big vampires at the minute in the cinema but I’m the alpha vampire.

“I’m the more manly one.”

But you know Johnny…that may or may not be true. But you do know that one of your heroes…one of your heroes, who you’ve publicly prclaimed as a “hero”, once said this…:

“If you have to say you are, then you’re obviously not”.

Those are the words of the famous (and cool) Keith Richards.

Johnny, you may be right, but don’t start getting involved in this Hollywood bitching contest that goes on between pampered stars.

You’re better than that…

Please refer to the famous words of Keef…you know the old bugger’s right.

by Harry Harper

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