Australia produce the best actors in the world

Another must see movie recommended for this week.

It’s not a film for next years Oscars as I have already passed on my best film nominations. But a definite must see movie, as it has one of my favourite actors showing her class. In Mental, we have Aussie Toni Collette  giving a wonderful performance. How we produce such brilliant actors.

is always a surprise to me. Cate Blanchett is my top actress in the world, but Toni Collette is almost her equal…and let’s not forget Nicole Kidman, who is fantastic.

This has been a very good year for movies produced on smaller budgets.

Our horse racing super tipster tells me he has a great chance of tipping the winner of THE CUP. I felt it my duty to pass on the tip to my favourite actor Tom Cruise. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to gamble, so I asked him to pass the news onto his best friend John Travolta. But he also is not allowed to bet. I thought perhaps Tom could give the tip to Madonna, but she is in the Kabala. He said he wouldn’t interrupt her in the Jacuzzi. I explained the Kabala is not a another name for a Jacuzzi…John said he thought Jacuzzi was a type of plane…a Japanese world war two fighter plane…??

Maybe horse racing is not their game.

Our super tipster was very unlucky last year. His top tip fell down in the paddock. But this year he says he has already ordered his new Bentley which is based on his expected winnings from THE CUP (mmm…The Cup…would be a good title for a film about the best horse race in the world).

I am sworn to secrecy, but just two clues to help you find the winner.

It most certainly has four legs and possibly a leather-seat thing on its back. I promise to give you the nod before the off in November.

The Oscar host is going to be different next year. This time they are going for brains instead of hoofing…a tenor not a dollar.

Where is Billy Crystal when you need him?

I’m off to meet the Royals at the track in Melbourne. They may ring me to find out the name of Ozzie News tip for The Race. When it wins, I will expect some sort of title.


By Helana Bryanlith


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