Ashton Kutcher’s “better husband list”

Ashton Kutcher has penned a list of ways he can be a better husband in a bid to win back wife Demi Moore’s trust.

The actor’s pledges include cutting back on Twitter use, devoting more time to their Kabbalah religion and not flirting with other women.

Demi, 48, is heartbroken over claims that Ashton, 33, cheated on her.

A source told a reporter: “Ashton feels terrible about how badly he’s hurt Demi. So he told her he’d sat up one night writing this long list.

“She cried when she read it — but she’s not sure if that’s enough to forgive him.”

It is rumoured however, on some gossip websites, that Demi cheated on Ashton some time ago with a young actor, 27-year-old Ben Hollingsworth.

Let’s hope they can work things out.


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