Angus is looking a lot slimmer

He’s one of the highest paid children on U.S. TV and Angus T Jones has acquired the Hollywood body to match his millions.

The 17-year-old actor appeared to have slimmed down a tad when he made an appearance at a charity gala in Washington D.C. this week.

Angus, who plays Jake Harper in hit US. series Two And A Half Men, has lost the puppy fat that he carried as a child and he’s looking trim.

As a youngster Angus had a far fuller face, starting work on Two And A Half Men back in 2003 when he was just 11-years-old.

Of course, as the years have gone on he has ‘grown into his body’ shedding a few pounds and maturing into the svelte young man he is now.

Angus became one of U.S. TV’s highest paid child actors last year when he signed a contract for the new season of Two And A Half Men totalling 14.4 million dollars, not including the half a million he earned as a signing bonus.

That meant he was being paid $300,000 per episode.

Jones has been working alongside troubled Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer on the show which has ranked among the Top 20 programs in the U.S. every season since it first aired.

The show is still currently on hold after Sheen was axed over his constant personal troubles and alleged drug abuse.

Sheen has since declared war on the show’s creator Chuck Lorre, only today he released an open letter aimed at the writer who is rumoured to be planning to continue filming without his troublesome lead star.

The letter reads, ‘My fans many tune in for a minute but at the end of the day no one cares about your feeble show without me. Shame on you…narcissist, coward, loser, a spineless rat.

‘I’m out here with my fans every night. The message is crystal clear, no Charlie Sheen. No show. You’ve been warned. Reap the whirl-wind you cockroach, reap it.’

Young Angus also found his personal life under the spotlight when it was revealed that his parents have an alleged criminal past.

Mug shots of the pair emerged in October 2010, taken on their arrest in 1997.

His mother Carey had father Kelly arrested on an assault charge after he allegedly pulled her out of a car and pushed her to the ground.

She later dropped the charge, but Kelly was ordered to complete an anti-violence class.

Carey was arrested the same year on a burglary charge, which was later dismissed ‘pending further investigation.’

by Helena Bryanlith


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