Angela Mogridge…a breath of fresh air for Peter Andre

I’m a bit sick and tired of the Peter Andre and Jordan saga.

Well it’s not really a saga…it’s just two very boring people who’ve ended their relationship together.

I can’t believe that the stupid British public are still even remotely interested in this.

Jordan was, and still is, about as interesting as a Kevin Rudd speech.

But, and there’s always a but, Peter Andre is now dating a girl who used to chaperone Jordan/Katie Price.

Her name is Angela Mogridge, 28, and she lives in Brisbane. Angela runs a graphic design business and is known to chaperone celebrities including Paris Hilton.

She seems a fairly level headed girl and she’s gorgeous, too. I mean, Peter Andre seems like a nice bloke…you know, harmless, but he’s as shallow as they come. Why would you ever want to get involved with Katie Price?

By all means, shag the arse off it, but really, you wouldn’t be exchanging numbers…surely you wouldn’t.

Did you know that Parasite was an anagram of Katey Price…it’s not, but…oh, you know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, I hope Pete’s getting on with his life, because, as I’ve said before, he seems ok and he absolutely loves, and would do anything for his children. But I hope he’s happy with his new bird, because I would be.

by Milo Johnson


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