Amy Childs ‘pops-out’ to the shops

In her native Essex, a plunging jumpsuit which leaves little to the imagination is commonly seen on the streets of Brentwood, which is not far from London, but a million miles away from that small wedding that’s just happened…if you know what I mean.

But for a day out shopping in Mayfair, perhaps The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs should have chosen a slightly more conservative outfit, as the black all-in-one left very little to the imagination.

In fact, as Amy arranged herself in a taxi to head over to the Mayfair Hotel after a long afternoon of retail therapy, she struggled to contain her pneumatic cleavage her outfit.

Much to photographers’ delight, the 20-year-old star, who underwent a breast enlargement to take her from an A-cup to a D, nearly busted out of the jumpsuit as she sat in the car.

Amy even gave a peek of her  bra as she made her way back to the hotel.

During her day out, on which Amy was accompanied by her mother, the stunning redhead stopped in Harvey Nichols where she picked up some designer items, judging by the huge Gucci bags she sported outside the Mayfair.

And, asked if she had any celebrities she’d like to appear on The Only Way Is Essex, Amy replied,My biggest dream cameo would be fellow Essex girl Victoria Beckham. I’d love to vajazzle her.

by Debbie Dot


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