All that money and Coleen Rooney still has a whinge

Coleen Rooney is sunning herself in Dubai and drinking $60 glasses of champagne. But she still whinged to a guest at the 7 star hotel, “We deserved a break”.

Is life too stressful with Wayne’s increased wages of $450,000 a week? You must have so much shopping to do…honestly love, I don’t know how you cope.

Rooney isn’t even playing at the moment, and, recently, when he does, he plays shit. Don’t get me wrong, Wayne Rooney is a fantastic soccer player, but in comparison, if I wasn’t performing well in my job I’d probably end up getting the sack, as would most of us, I certainly wouldn’t get a wage increase.

This is where the money in soccer has got out of control. Especially when you think of our Australian soldiers fighting for our country in Afghanistan, as well as the British. How much does a soldier get payed? How much does he or she get for being shot at? How much does a family get when a soldier has been killed?

I don’t know exactly, but I know that it’s nowhere near the amount that Wayne Rooney gets.

Back in Dubai, do folk really want or need to hear a couple scouse overpaid fucks moaning about their problems in life whilst ordering $400 poolside lunches at one of the worlds most expensive hotel? We don’t call them whinging Poms for nothing.

But with all of that money, they do actually look and seem very miserable. And no amount of money is going to change Wayne’s looks, so unfortunately, he’s always going to look like Shrek’s not so good-looking brother.

by Debbie Dot


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