Adriana Lima shines in Super Bowl commercials

With NBC charging around $3.5million for a 30 second advert, it’s not surprising brands wanted to make their commercials stand out during the Super Bowl.

And what better way to seduce the eyes of close to a hundred million viewers around the globe than by using Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima getting ready for a hot date.

Online florist service Teleflora used the 30-year-old model to try and encourage male members of the audience to give flowers for the upcoming romantic holiday.

As she was seen preparing for a date, slipping her flawless frame into a plunging LBD and pulling on stockings on her lithe legs Adriana spoke to the camera.

In her alluring Brazilian lilt the model said: ‘Guys, Valentine’s Day is not that complicated. Give and you shall receive.’

As she slathers red lipstick across her famous pout Adriana is seen glancing down at a bunch of white and red flowers and smiling.

Adriana joined the likes of Matthew Broderick, who reprised his role of Ferris Bueller, Betty White, Clint Eastwood and Ricky Gervais just to name a few who starred in the exorbitant adverts.

But the stunning mother-of-one didn’t just grace the screens once, she has also starred in a second Super Bowl ad this time for car company Kia.

Dressed in a cutaway body suit, with plenty of her shape on show Adriana is seen acting as a pit girl as she waves a checked flat around.

As well as standing tall in a pair of heels with her Amazonian legs appearing to stretch out forever a wind machine is seen blowing her brown locks around as she stares into the camera.

Given the advert for Teleflora last 33 seconds and the Kia commercial was around a minute and a half long that totals around $14million-worth of commercial time starring Adriana.

by Harry Harper



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