Adriana gets us ready for summer

You can tell that summer is in the air, all magazines are shedding their clothes and turning a hopeful eye towards the beach as the summer is looming over us.

We love the stunning Adriana Lima, which is why we just have to show a lovely picture of her.

Yes, I know, it’s absolutely shameless and shallow and all the rest of it but she does have a certain beauty about her…it’s almost beyond sexual.

She was recentlhy photographed on a tropical deserted island and a whole pictorial has Adriana stranded on a deserted beach.

Brazilian model, Adriana is mostly naked and will raise the temparature of any person with a pulse.

When I look at her, it just reminds me to boycott all carbohydrates for the next couple of months so I look half decent on the beach…well, you never know…there might be an Adriana looky-like…….I can dream, can’t I?

But she seems to be a good omen for the summer. I’ve got quite excited about the beaut Aussie weather, and it just reminds me that this is the best fucking country in the world to live in.

Adriana is lovely, but we’ve got loads of them over here…do you know, I’ve just got double exited about this summer…maybe I’ll have a chance after all, coz, as we all know, Aussie chicks are the best.

by Harry Harper


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