Kristina Rihanoff is told to do a ‘sexy calendar’

It’s not often boyfriends encourage their partner’s to strip off for steamy photo-shoots, but boxer Joe Calzaghe isn’t the average partner.

The world boxing champion told his girlfriend to go ‘bad ass’ on her first calendar shoot, words which she certainly took to heart.

From revealing black lingerie on a motorbike to wearing nothing but a fur coat Kristina Rihanoff decided to show off her ‘sexier side’ to fans for her 2013 calendar.

She has shown she can make moves in front of the cameras as she posed up a storm for her racy shoot.

Kristina, 35, said it was her boyfriend of three years who persuaded her to show off her toned body in a variety of poses, from demure to downright daring.

She said: ‘It was actually Joe who suggested I should make a calendar.

‘When we were deciding what kind of shots to include, he said I should go for something a bit more ‘bad ass’ – so that’s what I’ve done.

‘I’m very relaxed in front of the camera now. When you are a dancer you learn how to use your body for the camera, you know what angles to pose and I’m much more confident than I was.’

Kristina said she didn’t let her boyfriend on the set of the sexy shoot.

She added: ‘It was just me and the photographer. Joe wasn’t with me when I shot it, but he’s really pleased with the results.’

Joe waltzed into the Russian dancer’s life just after he retired as the undefeated super middleweight and light heavyweight world boxing champ.

She said: ‘We will have Christmas in Wales together with Joe’s family and my mum is coming over from Russia.

‘Then we are going to have a vacation, just the two of us, and get some sun.’

by Harry Harper



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