Coleen doesn’t want Roo, Wayne

BETRAYED Coleen Rooney looked stony-faced as she finally emerged from her parent’s home this afternoon.

It is the first time she has been seen in public since it was revealed cheating footie star hubby Wayne romped with tart Jenny Thompson.

It is believed she will seek refuge at their £5million holiday home in Barbados.

Last night it looked like the couple’s marriage was over after Coleen, who has been staying at her family’s home in Roby, near Liverpool, told Rooney: “I don’t need you anymore.”

Rooney was BARRED from his in-laws’ after £1,200-a-night hooker Jenny’s sordid revelations left his marriage in tatters.

Coleen’s furious dad Tony ordered: “He is never, ever setting foot in this house again.”

Coleen, whose TV career has made her an estimated £10million, forgave him before — but pals fear the latest betrayal may be the last straw.

A source said: “Coleen screamed at him: “How you can do this to me when I’m pregnant, the mother of your son?’

“She’s asking herself, ‘What else has he being doing?’ The trust has gone and it has shattered her confidence. She’s asking herself, ‘What’s wrong with me? Am I too ugly?’

No you’re not, but your husband is, Colleen…you can do much better. Let’s face it, after this charade, the chances of the marraige surviving are pretty slim.

Sources said Coleen’s staunch Catholic parents Tony and Colette are disgusted.

One family friend said: “It took a lot for them to forgive him last time. But this time Wayne and Coleen are married and it is adultery, which they absolutely won’t accept.

“The fact that it happened when Coleen was pregnant has left everyone sickened.”

Coleen had been staying at her parents’ detached property with Kai, ten months, at her side in his crib.

She and Rooney wed two years ago after dating for six years.

Hooker Jenny, 21, claims she slept with the striker seven times in four months.

Rooney drowned his sorrows with booze as his squalid romps were about to be exposed.

He ordered six bottles of beer from his Watford hotel room on Saturday after England’s victory over Bulgaria the night before.

An FA member of staff had to specially OK the drinks.

An insider revealed: “Wayne’s mood grew very sorrowful. He did what any man would do in a crisis — ordered cold beers “But players are not supposed to order booze to their rooms. Fabio Capello had ordered such requests must be approved.”

Rooney was holed up in England’s team hotel in Basel last night — after telling friends he fears he has lost Coleen forever.


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