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Dear Woosy – I found a thong in the glove box

Dear Woosy,

I’m a 38 year old mother of 2 who up until last week was living the perfect life.  I have a handsome hard-working husband, 3 bedroom country home, 2 cars in the drive, oldest child at college and youngest at the top of her class.  Anyway, I left for work one day last week in my husbands’ 3 series BMW.  I  reached into the glove box for a hanky and pulled out a skimpy thong that certainly wasn’t mine.  Just as I was contemplating this, the car began to cough and splutter and came to a stop by the side of the road.  Not wanting to call my husband after my discovery, I called a taxi to take me home where an even bigger shock was waiting for me.  There were noises coming from my bedroom.  I pushed open the door and there was my husband orally pleasuring our neighbours 19 year old daughter.  He’s never given me oral sex as he’s always claimed not to like it.  Please help, I’m shocked, hurt and simply don’t know what’s caused this.

Woman with a Problem

Woosy says – Lots of things could have caused this, spark plugs, alternator, oil level, water level or the battery could just have been flat. I recommend contacting your BMW dealer with the problem.

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