Dear Woosy – Mysterious rectal bleeding

Dear Woosy,

I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years off and on. About 3 1/2 years ago he started bleeding from his rear after using the bathroom. He went to the doctor and they told him that his lining was torn, but I don’t know why. He eats out a lot and drinks lots of Coke, so maybe its just the fiber in his diet. I asked my mother if that would cause bleeding and she said it could if he were constipated. He says he is, but when I look at his stool it seems normal and he does not make those noises (like if you are constipated). He has been taking some fiber pills, which he says have been helping him, but he is still bleeding, and it’s made me suspicious.

He and I have never been active back there, but I would just like to know if maybe he is just not telling me something. I have asked him discreet questions regarding his problem, and he got really furious when I asked him if he had had intercourse with a guy. The other thing that concerns me is that he is only 28 and I 24; and he is not really sexually active with me. We have intercourse about three times a month and we live together. I don’t think thats normal, according to friends. I know sometimes it’s hard for a guy to come out and say he is gay, especially if he is a cop. He has friends in the police dept who are bisexual. I have heard so many stories.

If he is gay, it’s ok. I would just want to know the truth so he can go on with his life and I with mine. Please help me get out of my fear. Thank you.

Woosy says – Rectal bleeding, along with a fondness for Elton John, is one of the top signs of possible homosexuality in a man. Reportedly, homosexual men frequently engage in sexual intercourse through the anus. Without proper lubrication, such repetitive chafing of the soft tissue within the rectum can cause discomfort and even bleeding. Some men, even those who are not homosexual, may still find it sexually pleasurable to directly stimulate the prostate, otherwise known as the “Male G-Spot”. It is quite common, even during male-female intercourse, for a man to wish to have his partner insert a finger or some other object into his anus for this reason.

I would encourage you to experiment with your boyfriend in this area. As a police officer, it is quite likely that the intense male bonding that occurs on the job has led to some form of homosexual tendencies, whether or not he has acted upon them physically. And if stimulation using an artificial object doesn’t do it for him, the next step should be to invite a third person into your bedroom. There’s nothing like a threesome to bring two people closer together.

Or, of course, he might just have hemorrhoids.


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