Dear Woosy – I’m tired of living within my means

Dear Woosy,

I’m a stay at home mum tired of living within my means. All the other housewives drive nicer cars, have designer handbags, and spend their days shopping. I’m lucky if I can afford something from the sale rack at the charity shop.

I can’t even take comfort in the fact that I’m a good saver because the current economic crisis has my stock portfolio in the shitter. What can I do to make myself feel a little better without spending money I don’t have?

Woosy says – Just because your neighbors appear to have everything you covet does not necessarily mean it’s all paid for. They may be in debt up to their eyeballs and so cash poor they can’t buy a stick of gum unless the visa logo is prominently displayed at the cash register.

I suggest you find something to sell. One of my friends sold her husband’s golf clubs on Ebay and bought several new outfits, some shoes, and a handbag. She told him the clubs were stolen when he came home drunk and forgot to close the garage door.

Does your husband golf or participate in any hobbies that require expensive equipment? Go look.


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